Friday, January 29, 2016

Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother

Honor thy father and thy mother, as the Lord thy God hath commanded thee; that thy days may be prolonged, and that it may go well with thee, in the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.  Deuteronomy 5:16  KJV

Honoring our parents should come naturally to us.  I love this scripture because it is a commandment qualified with a blessing.  The Lord says, if you do this, I will do that.  My sister and I often joke that we were born knowing that our parents were in charge and that we would respect their authority.  In the late 60’s, I was a small child, being raised, in the projects of Brooklyn, N.Y.  Even though both of our parents worked, we didn’t have a lot of money.  However, we had no idea that we were living below the poverty level.  They always did the best they could do for us.  My mom would read us the “riot act” before we went into a store.  She would look at us and say, “You don’t want anything, you’re not getting anything, so don’t ask for anything!  You got that?” And we would nod our heads and respond in unison “Yes, Mommy”, and follow her in, quietly and respectfully.  Although it might sound sort of harsh and regimented to you, it wasn’t.  She and my father, loved us and taught us, from birth, how to behave.  We didn’t show out or have tantrums or display any of the disrespectful behavior we see today!  Children throwing themselves on the floor, scream at their parents and crying to get their way!  That would NEVER have happened in my day or with my parents!  I love them, even now, for teaching us to respect them and ourselves and authority.  It cultivated the deep sense of family we share.  Now, in their old age, we continue to have a wonderful and loving relationship.  We also have a heart and mind to care for them with joy and gratitude!  Thank you, Jesus!

Father God, In the name of Jesus, we thank You for the guardians You have given charge over us.  Those angels You connected us to, that we would call parents.  Help us to honor them with our love, reverence and respect.  Let us enjoy the gift that they are to us.  If someone is dealing with a broken relationship, Lord, restore it!  Make a way for forgiveness and reconciliation.  Finally, Lord, if we didn’t have righteous parents, help us to break that chain! Shape us into the holy and acceptable, loving parents we wish we had been given.  Help us teach our children this and all Your great commandments, that we may be pleasing to You.  In Jesus’ name we pray. 


Nejla K. Hubbard
Performance Schedule for IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS

Saturday, July 16th at 8pm Opening Night, Reception at 7pm
Wednesday, July 20th at 2pm
Saturday, July 23rd at 4pm and 8pm
Wednesday, July 27th at 2pm and 8pm
Friday, July 29th at 8pm
Saturday, July 30th at 1pm and 5pm
Sunday, July 31st at 3pm
Tickets are $50 before March 1st.
Tickets are $55 during the month of March
Tickets are $60 beginning April 1st.

To buy Tickets to see this new Christian play by Nejla K. Hubbard & Directed by Van Dirk Fisher  CLICK HERE.
The Theatre at St. Clement's, 423 West 46th Street, NYC.
July 16th - July 31, 2016

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